Photo by Stan Jones, Alfred Newman Stage, Fox Studios, Los Angeles

Music is at the centre of everything that we do; creating original music, orchestrations and arrangements for film, television, theatre, recording artists, gaming and advertising, live concerts and events. We work with the best musicians delivering the highest artistic and production values. We offer recording and live performance with the Dream Town Orchestra®, and our resources are available to film, TV and theatre production companies, live events and other composers.

Dream Town Music™ offers a creative edge, originality and musical credibility. The Dream Town Orchestra® is a flexible bespoke ensemble which can be tailored to each individual project irrespective of scale; it delivers outstanding performances for sound tracks, recordings and live events. Dream Town Music™ provides expert budgeting, planning and industry-leading delivery for all aspects of music production for film, TV, theatre, recording and live performances.

Dream Town Music™ was formed by Andrew Cottee and Tom Croxon who were both educated at the Royal College of Music. Andrew Cottee is an award-winning composer, arranger, orchestrator and conductor. Andrew’s exceptional talent in creating a musical narrative and enhancing a visual story is widely recognised. Tom Croxon is a leading artist manager and producer of concerts, shows, events and award-winning recordings and is recognised for his creative flair and exceptional organisational abilities.